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why do you need all these details?
The information that you give us will be used to check that we are reaching our intended audience of school students and teachers studying ergonomics. It will also help us to give you an answer in the right form and depth. We will not make the information available to anyone outside the IEHF.
what if I'm not a student or a teacher?
If you are not a school teacher or student, you should go to the main IEHF site and see if the information you need is there
(go there).
If not, you can contact the IEHF using the details below.

Doing a school project? We're here to help! First of all, please read about the topic related to your project in the Ergonomics 4 Schools Learning Zone. Then check the FAQ list to see if the answer that you're looking for is already there. If you still need help or information, simply ask us by filling in the form below. Please make sure that the information that you give us is clear and correct, ESPECIALLY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, otherwise we can't reply to you!

Make sure your question is clear too, so that we can give you the answer you need. We can't guarantee to do your project for you, but we'll do our best to help. We will reply to you by email within a few days.

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