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Please note:
All answers given to the questions listed on this site, and those replied to directly by email are intended for educational use only.  Answers should not be regarded as definitive and may not be appropriate for commercial exploitation/application.  If you need such an answer to your question then you should make contact with individual Ergonomists or organisations offering consultancy services; the main Ergonomics Society web site contains lists from which suitable contractors may be found (go there).

The information contained in the answers has been provided in good faith, and to the best of the ability of the author. However, mistakes and errors do occur, question contexts might be unclear and circumstances change. If you are in doubt about any part of an answer you should check with the author, your teacher or other responsible adult.  If the answer appears silly then it might be but even if it does not, it could be!  If in doubt - ask.

The Ergonomics Society, those providing these answers or their employers, cannot be held responsible for any event, however undesirable, that might occur as a result of these answers.  The answers are copyright and should, in line with good practice, be acknowledged. Thank you for your understanding.

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